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What is a styled shoot?

Do you remember all those amazing Pinterest photos you saved? Chances are, they too were from a styled shoot.

What is a styled shoot?

A styled shoot is essentially a mock wedding where creatives work together to showcase the trendiest styles from overseas to our audience, to show off what we can do, or even just to create beautiful work for fun! It is a stage for us creatives to unleash our imagination and creative juices to produce something that is unique and stunning.

Why are we doing it?

Most weddings are planned a year in advance, so by the time we showcase professional photos of work from real weddings we have done, they might be from what was trendy two years ago! Styled shoots lets us show our audience what is trendy NOW!

What happens behind the scene?

A lot of work goes into a styled shoot. Like a wedding, a bit of our personalities go into the design. Then based on the brief, the Stylist chooses the right photographer, the venue, a brief for the floral design, the stationery, the caterer, the caker, accessories (i.e. wedding ring!!!), hair and make up artist and of course, the attire to match. Just as much work goes into a styled shoot as does a wedding!

Everyone provides their own services on the day, so for a florist, this means we spend time researching and designing the flowers, ordering and picking them up from the market, processing them so they are perfect for the shoot and making some of the arrangements before hand so the photographer isn't waiting for you on the day. Finally, the shoot day is another 8 hours of exciting, but hard work making gravity defying installations, then taking everything down again. Then of course there is the clean up the next day, and sadly disposal of all the flowers. Each shoot is easily 40 hours of work for us.

An exhausted florist standing proud next to her arrangement

However, the work doesn't stop there. After we get the photos back from the photographer (who spends hours curating everything), either the photographer or the stylist spends more hours getting the shoots published so they reach you for your enjoyment.

So next time you pin another amazing Pinterest picture, you know all the hard work behind getting that picture up on there.

Photography credit : Judy Nunez Photography

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